Giftedness & Learning Disabilities: Unearthing the Missed Diagnosis

Paul Beljan, PsyD

March 17, 2020

Lecture Abstract

Characteristics of gifted and talented children can result in incorrect diagnoses, such as overlooking learning disabilities. Learning disabilities can take the form of academics (reading, math and writing) or innate abilities in general learning that may relate to social learning. In this lecture, Dr. Paul Beljan will review some of the basic tenants of giftedness that include intellect and asynchronous development. The lecture will then turn to the nuts and bolts of learning disabilities; what they look like, how to assess them, and what to do about them in the contexts of the gifted population. The ‘discrepancy model’ of learning disability will be dispelled in favor of understanding the brain basis of learning disabilities. The lecture will be filled with anecdotes and case examples to illustrate the process of learning disabilities.

Check out the live lecture from 2011 at Learning Pathways in Boulder, Colorado

"If the child can think ahead to factor in those considerations before making a choice, they probably wouldn't have ADHD."