Beljan Psycyhological Services is home to the best neuropsychologists, psychologists, and psychotherapists in the Phoenix valley. We are passionate about helping you to live a better life and look forward to meeting you!

Paul Beljan, PsyD, ABN, ABPdN

Dr. Beljan is a pediatric and adult neuropsychologist who specializes in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychological disorders. He is nationally and internationally renowned for his clinical work with and research of giftedness, ADHD, developmental disorders, executive functioning and neurocognitive therapy.

Vanessa Berens, PhD

Dr. Berens provides psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults, families and couples in individual or group sessions. She has extensive training in working with intimate partner violence, trauma, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and giftedness. Dr. Berens also conducts psychological evaluations and personality testing.

Casey Heinsch, LAMFT

Casey is a marriage and family therapist with extensive expertise working with individuals, couples and families of diverse backgrounds experiencing a variety of psychosocial challenges. She provides systemic family therapy to those experiencing relational conflict, parenting distress, grief, and bereavement, among others.

Sarah Bald, PsyD

Dr. Bald is a psychologist that specializes in pediatric neuropsychology. Her professional interests include assessment and consultation of early childhood development, giftedness, learning disorders and executive functioning impairment. She works as an advocate to help your child get the academic support they need in school.

Daniel Weschler, PsyD

Dr. Wechsler recently obtained his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and is now working under the supervision of Dr. Beljan to soon become a pediatric neuropsychologist. His clinical experience includes pediatric and adult psychotherapy, play therapy, social skills development, and childhood developmental assessment.

Robyn Berry

Robyn graduated from Arizona State University, completed her training in neurocognitive therapy, and is now the director of the MC2 and Study Wranglers programs. She greatly enjoys her work with helping children and adolescents with learning disorders and other neuropsychological problems to develop greater self-esteem and cognitive abilities.

Theresa Montgomery

Theresa received degrees and training in education, special needs, communication and Spanish. She is expanding her knowledge about human brain function in order to better help children and adolescents struggling with neuropsychological and psychological challenges.

Charity Pollock

Charity completed her degree in Elementary Education, has experience working with children as a Sunday School teacher, youth leader, special needs tutor and a teacher's assistant. In her role as the office manager she coordinates services for the providers while keeping a watchful eye over the children's play area in the waiting room.

Lynn Carahaly, MA, CCC-SLP

Lynn is the owner and executive director of Foundations Developmental House and Synergy Dylexia Center located in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona. Her area of specialization is with the treatment of childhood apraxia of speech, language-based learning disabilities, auditory processing disorders, ADHD and communication disorders.

Steven Quagliano

Steven is a certified Autism Specialist who has been working with the ASD population and other special needs since 1994. He works as a consultant in administering diagnostic tests for ASD.

Justin Gardner, MA

Justin recently completed his third year at Midwestern University in Glendale in Clinical Psychology. He currently works with Dr. Beljan to provide neuropsychological assessments to children in the East Valley. He is passionate about testing, therapy and research on pediatric neuropsychological disorders.


Dr. Baxter