Casey Heinsch, LAMFT

marriage & family therapist

Casey Heinsch, LAMFT is a marriage and family therapist with extensive expertise working with individuals, couples and families of diverse backgrounds experiencing a variety of psychosocial challenges. She provides systemic family therapy to those experiencing relational conflict, parenting distress, grief, and bereavement, among others. Casey approaches the care of her clients with understanding and empathy. She conducts individual, family and group therapy sessions teaching emotional regulation and mindfulness techniques. She acknowledges the healing power of nature, and integrates a holistic treatment approach with her clients. Casey believes that by treating the family unit as a whole each member will experience a greater sense of healing, peace and life satisfaction.

She completed her Master’s degree at Arizona State University in Marriage and Family Therapy, after having received a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Human Development. During her dual internships she received experience in providing services in private practice and community mental health settings. As a student Casey gained invaluable training in providing psychoeducation, behavioral planning, and therapeutic services. Due to her passion for developing innovative approaches to the field of psychotherapy, Casey conducted research examining the identity development and social relationships of youth. As well, she was part of a student group that pioneered a study abroad program in Rwanda, Africa examining family systems in primates. She is a current member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

After graduating, Casey worked as an equine psychotherapist teaching children, adolescents and families how to integrate mindfulness-informed interventions in treating depression and anxiety. She has specialized training in vocational coaching for clients with intellectual disabilities to help them live a more successful life despite their limitations. Working at Beljan Psychological Services Casey has integrated a comprehensive skill set in treating the familial dynamics for those with gifted children. Casey additionally specializes in providing services to those in the LGBTQ community.

I understand that finding a match with a therapist is challenging. It is my goal to alleviate your stress by making this process as comfortable as possible. During therapy you can expect to be validated, guided, and empowered. My objective is that everyone feels safe and encouraged beginning with our first contact. I look forward to working with you and your family, and I promise to do my best to help you start living a more successful and fulfilled life!